National Interest Analysis: The Paris Agreement

18 Jul

This document  was produced by Treasury in response to what was obviously a National Party brief to make the case for signing the Paris Agreement.

The document is so biased in favour of Global Warming/ Climate Change that there is almost no objectivity in their findings.The document is full of assumptions and based on unsafe modelling . Modelling which has proven to be so inaccurate as to render almost all of the wild claims by Climate Alarmists to be nothing more than scaremongering.

The UN's wish has and always will be to scare the population into thinking that the world is about to come to an end if we don't pay trillions of dollars into UN coffers or UN controlled ETS's. In reality the whole issue of Climate Change has nothing to do with climate but is an attempt redistribute our hard won wealth to countries that are essentially run by dictators and crooks. As is common with anything the UN is involved with and which requires us to fund, there is zero monitoring of what happens to this money.

How much of our taxes I hear you ask.

Well, on Page 31 Item 4 the Treasuries own figures indicate a cost to NZ Taxpayers of between $14 billion and $36 billion over 10 years, starting in 2021. This number may be considerably higher if, as is expected, we are forced to compete with other countries for scarce emission credits from countries who claim to have met spurious and unquantifiable emissions targets. 

New Zealand cannot afford the posturing of our Politicians and their desire to ingratiate themselves with the UN and various socialist media organisations at home and overseas.

The New NZ Party will withdraw fro Paris and Kyoto when elected in 2020.

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