New NZ commits to massive Taxation cuts.

07 Aug

Unlike all other political parties New NZ will reduce your tax burden in 2020.

Paying your Income Tax is just the beginning of your tax burden.

All levels of Government, including local Government are always looking to relieve you of your after tax income.

Whether it be National and Labour who will slug you upwards of $1,000 a year as a result of the Paris agreement, so they can ingratiate themselves with the UN bullies. Of course using your money to do it. How many of you knew that?

An additional 18 cents per litre on your fuel to pay GST on GST already collected and your additional contribution to the Emissions Training Scheme. How many of you knew that?

The insane number of after tax taxes which makes us one ot the most taxed countries in the world. 

The myriad after tax payments you make to local government, starting with the rise and rise of your rates.

The NEW NZ Party passionately believes that you should retain as much of your money as possible. 

How are we going to achieve that?

By ensuring that every government department reduces its costs by at least 10% ( estimate of wasted expenditure)

By reducing Income Tax, this is what you will pay when New NZ is elected to the Parliament in sufficient numbers to force change on the political elite.

  • 0 to $25,000                       0%
  • $25,001 to $100,000        15%
  • $100,001 to $150,000      20%
  • $150,001 and above         25%
  • Company Tax                    25%
  • Repatriated Profits            40%
  • Superannuation Tax            0%

Our "War on Waste' will be relentless.


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