What is the Purpose and Responsibility of Government?

01 Jun

  1. Protect our Citizens

We can do this by protecting our Sovereignty. Our Government is failing massively on this core responsibility. They have signed the corrupt UN’s disastrous Compact on Migration and Compact on Refugees without any discussion with the people.

Ultimately the responsibility for the Christchurch massacre was the lack of protection by this Government. They allowed the Australian entry with his guns and because of lax controls allowed him to purchase additional weapons. This Government is responsible for that.


  1. National Identity

We have a distinct identity as Kiwis. We have our own traditions and culture. The Government has an obligation to protect and uphold our identity. This Government is failing miserably. It suits their purpose to introduce chaos into this area of their responsibilities. That is typical of the way that CommuSocialists behave. IT IS NOT US.


  1. Do No Harm

It is the responsibility of Government to do no harm to the country or it’s citizens. This requires the Government to consider every aspect of our lives.

There is ample evidence that this is a harmful Ardern Government.

Their policies on the climate will destroy the economy, businesses and most of all families. They are for increasing taxes to pay for their CommuSocialist ideologies. They want to take away our freedoms and worse they want to control every aspect of our lives.


  1. Infrastructure

An essential obligations of any Government is to ensure that our basic infrastructure is fit for purpose. This includes roads, bridges, rail links, clean water, power, communication networks and affordable housing.

On every single one of these obligations the Ardern Government is failing the people of New Zealand.


  1. Social Welfare

It is important that any government provides for those who find themselves in difficult circumstances, be they aged, sick, disabled, homeless or lacking suitable education options.

The Ardern Government promised to revolutionise this important area of their obligations. From Kiwi Build to the homeless to  the sick they have and continue to let us down.

These are basic requirement and when you vote for The New NZ Party. You know we will deliver on all of these obligations. We have your backs.

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