June 2019

Welcome to the very first issue of NewNZ!

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your tremendous support for our fledgling Party. We are not here merely to make up the numbers. We are here to win and win big for the whole of New Zealand.

So, now it’s time to take flight. We have spent countless hours on social media and developing our website. The website is being launched today at 12 noon and you can find it at www.newnz.org.

Please stop by, have a browse, tell us what you think and proffer any advice, good or bad. You will find under the Policies tab a page where we encourage you to have your say. Please visit us as often as you like and provide us with feedback on anything you want to raise, especially in the area of Policies.

We will also be announcing at 12 Noon by way of media release that Marc Alexander has been appointed to the position of Leader of The New NZ Party. For your information here is a copy of that release.

It’s time for change… The founder and Executive Chairman of NEW NZ, David Moffett, announced today that Marc Alexander has been appointed as the Leader of the party.

Moffett said “Marc is the ideal person to lead the party into the 2020 election. Possibly the most important election in decades. He brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts as well as an intimate knowledge of how Parliament works, having been a parliamentarian for 3 years. We look forward to working with him to disrupt the status quo in 2020”

“We have been paying good money for bad government for far too long. Politicians on all sides have put their own interests ahead of the country’s,” says New NZ Party Leader Marc Alexander.

The Party was launched as an antidote to the frustrations of so many Kiwis who are looking for a real change to how government operates. The current Labour/Green/ NZ First government is mired in committees, lacking direction, and resorting to a bubble-gum slogan approach to running the country, fuelled by feelgood nonsense and nothing to show for it.

“Hugs won’t put food on the table…fix our economy, nor provide jobs and a higher living standard. We are falling behind.

The problem is that politics has become a profession rather than a mission, MP’s aren’t celebrities – nor should they be – but public servants. They’ve forgotten that, but New NZ is here to remind them. Our job is to put the public back in charge and move the country forward.”

New NZ is launching a grass-roots alternative for the future direction of all New Zealanders. One that expects the government to respect our liberty to pursue our dreams, listens to the voice of the people, and live within its means, as families do.

“Change will never come if we sit back and wait for it. At some point we need to accept that the tired old politics we have endured is more about their politicians keeping power than about elevating the aspirations of all New Zealanders.

Its time.”

The New NZ Party is a new force in New Zealand Politics, proud to be Kiwis who represent a growing number of disaffected voters who expect better from our leaders. We are a grass roots movement, not afraid of the political elite and ready to put you and your families first.

The New NZ Party is committed ‘to promote good citizenship and self-reliance; Liberty with responsibility; to defend our hard-won freedoms; to encourage private enterprise; to safeguard individual rights and speech; the privilege of ownership; to oppose interference by the State and work on behalf of every kiwi’.

We value freedom of speech, the press, choice, lawful assembly and small government, flourishing families, a dynamic economy, environmental investment and low taxation.

We are against open borders, interference by the UN, Government excess, waste and interference, far left and right ideologies, the PC brigade, tyranny by minorities, unlawful religious beliefs and terrorism. For more please look at our website: www.newnz.org

We want to hear from you…

If you have policy ideas, we want to hear from you. We don’t have a monopoly on good ideas but think that if we pool our common-sense together, we can distil the best policies to advance and push for change that counts. Just go to our website and comment or send your ideas to one of our team.

What are the 5 biggest issues facing New Zealand ?

Let us know by return email

Perspective: Education has lost its purpose, point and pragmatism.

By Marc Alexander

It seems to me that much of modern education is far too geared toward assessment and achieving qualifications in order to highlight school success rather than life success. Pumping knowledge and good experiences are all very well but sometimes the whole person isn't being educated, only the measurable outcomes that not necessarily equip students for a well-rounded life of success.

As a teacher, I think we need a new direction that will develop the physical and intellectual life within a context of purposefulness that is about more than finding a job or simply the next step in an educational merry-go-round. It's about discovering who we are, realising the potential within, and bringing together the academic with the practical and the artistic. Often the goals of education, as expressed by the Education Ministry, is about 'proving' more people can pass assessments, something of limited value in the real world of individual motivation and resilience, sociability, reliability and the ability to be a happy and prosperous contributing member of society. Character is something we need to rediscover within an educational context as well as the value of citizenship.

For many now, the focus is on indoctrination. Its no wonder, too many teachers have moved from school, teacher’s college and then back to school. Worse, they are under the thrall of ministry boffins and so-called experts’ who appease political considerations. They have forgotten that, the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.