To some people, power lines signify everything that is wrong with society.

To the more enlightened, they signify the method by which much needed energy is provided to every corner of New Zealand.

In time, renewables may make power lines obsolete but that is decades away.

Renewables are nice to have but mostly for those who can afford to pay exorbitant prices for their power.

Renewables cannot provide a base power guarantee to run New Zealand, only a mix of options as outlined below can.

For too long a small group of vocal advocates have engendered fear in the community and have proven to be wrong.

New NZ will not send the country broke on the basis that wind and solar make some people feel good about themselves.

New NZ has a comprehensive plan which requires our power lines to play an important part.

Key Principles

  • We will immediately seek to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and Kyoto Protocol.

  • We will follow the lead of many other countries in the world and invest in Waste to Energy solutions with the private sector.

  • We will use our natural reserves of coal, oil and gas to ensure that every one can afford the power that they need to lead a safe and productive life. This is relevant at home and in the workplace.

  • We will investigate the building of dams for hydro electric power, one each in the North and South Islands.

  • As renewables demonstrate their scale, cost effectiveness and reliability they will play an increasing part in supplying the grid.