Focused Economy

Focused Economy

A focused economy where every sector prospers is critical to the country. We will encourage greater internal investment and secure our assets from overseas predation. When our economy is strong, we are strong.

  • The New NZ Party will withdraw from The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), a free trade agreement involving New Zealand and 10 other countries in the Asia Pacific region. Instead we will negotiate bilateral agreements with those countries that favour fair and open access to each others markets.

  • We will review and re-callibrate our overseas aid programmes

  • We will kick start the economy with our simple Tax system.

  • We will hold an independent and fully costed review into the size of Government and waste of taxpayer funds. The review will be used to drive a reduction in government waste.

  • Politicians' and Senior public servants’ salaries will be frozen for at least 3 years and be subject to a new regime of accountability based around Key Performance Outcomes.

  • Unnecessary red tape and regulations will be removed from small and medium businesses with support given to improve their international competitive advantage.

  • Sales of assets will undergo cost/benefit analysis to show the value to New Zealand and will be undertaken before sales to overseas interests are considered.

  • Government expenditure to be restricted to a determined percentage of GDP. 

  • Encourage personal responsibility, mutual obligation and community spirit, through civic education in our schools and communities and reduce the underlying pressures on our expanding welfare budget.

  • Encourage a reduction in consumer debt through our simplified tax system.

  • Encourage entrepreneurial and innovative business through internships, mentoring and apprenticeships.