Homelessness in New Zealand has been linked to the lack of of housing that is suitable and affordable. We need to work with those who are most vulnerable to get them back onto their feet and become functioning members of our changing society.

Key Principles 

  • Affordable homes will be available for purchase throughout the country. We are in the process of negotiating a Public Private Partnership to solve this growing crisis. As part of the solution we will also consider mobile homes in the mix. These will be available for those that are having difficulty caring for themselves and their families. They will have an initial rent free period which will then be converted into an option to buy at predetermined rates. Their purchase will attract interest free loans and they will not be able to be sold or rented out for a period of 5 years. 

  • The location of the homes will take into consideration location of family, job and apprenticeship opportunities and location availability.

  • The sites for these portable dwellings will be agreed with local government.

  • This scheme is not meant to be a long term solution to the Public housing crisis. It is meant to provide the incentive for people to take back control of their lives. 

  • To make this scheme a success services will be provided such as counselling, rehabilitation and classes that will teach home making skills.

  • Successful applicants for this scheme will be required to find gainful employment so that they are able to repay the cost of their homes. The Government will assist in finding those jobs. In many cases skills apprenticeships will be provided through incentives for local businesses.

Other policies for those who are unable or unwilling to take advantage of the scheme are in the process of development.