Grey Power is the official voice of the Seniors sector of society. They are officially recognised as the organisation representing Seniors to Government. It has the following 4 aims and objectives at the top of its list.

  • To advance, support and protect the welfare and well-being of Seniors.

        We will reduce the current rate of 17.5% tax on Superannuation to 0.00% 

  • To affirm and protect the statutory right of every New Zealand resident to a sufficient New Zealand Superannuation entitlement.

  • To strive for the provision of a quality health care to all New Zealand residents regardless of income and location.

  • To oppose all discriminatory and disadvantageous legislation affecting rights, security and dignity.

New NZ agrees with the aims and objectives of Grey Power. They are reasonable and not onerous on society as a whole. In fact, they are inclusive and a reflection that Seniors are proud and supportive Kiwis.

In order to further advance the rights of Seniors in New Zealand we commit to the following:

We will reduce the current rate of 17.5% tax on Superannuation to 0.00%

  • As seniors finalise paperwork to gain their pension, an audit is undertaken of their skills and expertise which can then be accessed by social organisations and business to facilitate their ongoing community engagement. It will be voluntary but a means to learn from them, strengthen their connections within the community, generate mentoring for charities, business and youth, for the benefit of all.

  • Endow the pension as a right with full portability, provided a home is maintained in New Zealand.

  • We will immediately review the current system of funding all retirees and retirement savings schemes. Its aim will be to develop a unified policy for transitioning from the benefit system to retirement savings as the major funder of superannuitants income (there needs to be a safety net and recognition of genuine hardship).

  • We will increase focus on policies that create wealth and savings during working years to provide additional income for a quality retirement.

  • We will immediately review the Better Later Life strategy, improve it and implement it in a far shorter time frame than is currently contemplated.

  • We will immediately review the Age Friendly Community Evaluation and fast track its implementation.

  • We will ensure superannuitants are entitled to all of the supplementary benefits available such as emergency housing and hardship benefits.

  • We will never bring back the surcharge and never develop special tax brackets or race, gender or age based scales as proposed by other parties' advisors. 

  • We will appoint a Seniors Commissioner with wide ranging powers whose specific aim is to report on progress towards our goals. Unlike existing parties, we are not afraid to be held to account.

  • We will increase the length of residency time at which superannuation is paid in full to 20 years. This along with our other changes in generosity to non-residents and non-contributors will provide enormous savings that will protect the ability to look after Kiwi citizens including those citizens who have chosen to make New Zealand their home.

Changes will be funded as New NZ policies described elsewhere make enormous efficiencies in other areas of government such as Government waste, the cost of the Paris Agreement, MP and top public servant salaries, crime reduction and lower welfare dependence through better education and health, retention of taxpayer funds at home instead of ineffective spending on non-residents.

What is crystal clear though is that this government and its predecessors are obsessed with putting as many obstacles in the way of progress that they can. We will remove as much red tape as possible and get the system unblocked. That is not something government and bureaucracy enjoys doing. Why be glacial when you have the fearless and focused option?

This last point is true for the entirety of Government and Bureaucracy, not just the Seniors sector.